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711 Atlantic Avenue

UAS’s Sandblasting Division has received some of our strongest compliments from satisfied clients noting eye-popping restorations of aged, painted or fire damaged Brick and Wood walls, ceilings and decorative details.

Unified utilizes proprietary Slag (Blasting Material, or Shot) varying between copper-based shot for Brick detailing to crushed glass-based shot for fine detailing of wood.

UAS's Sandblasting Division completed a surface restoration project at 711 Atlantic Avenue in Boston. UAS utilized high pressured blasting techniques to restore original wood ceiling and brick walls. Copper slag was used to bring the previously fire damaged brick back to life and crushed glass was applied to the wood ceiling surfaces. The use of compressed air and blasting pots in conjunction with our skilled laborers creating a tight containment and manning the blasting nozzles resulted in an exceptional finished product.

Before abrasive blasting.

The finished product after abrasive blasting.

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