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75 Arlington Street

Our work at 75 Arlington Street included two phases that collectively involved removal of 24,000 square feet of surface material, floor tile, leveler, and black asbestos-containing mastic.

Using leading edge technology, sections of built up floor leveler and multiple layers of floor tile were removed, and the floor was finished off with a surface grind. UAS accomplished this by utilizing specialized surfacing equipment such as the ride-on SASE cyclone floor tile machine, multiple remote-controlled Husqvarna PG 820 Grinders, and a Husqvarna PG 280 Edger. We fine cleaned the containment unit using airless sprayers and wet HEPA vacs specifically made for asbestos containment environments. Once the air clearance was received, the remaining waste was properly removed and disposed of off-site and the equipment was mobilized to organize for Phase 2, the 2nd floor.

The second phase was a unique due to its definitive noise requirements – absolutely no disturbance allowed to the restaurant below. To minimize tenant impacts, Unified Abatement planned the work during 2nd and 3rd shift hours. 2nd shift focused on all the containerizing and loading out of the asbestos containing waste material, while 3rd shift focused on all the demo activities and packaging of the asbestos topping slab.

Even with the addition of the “do not disturb” requirement, to remove 24,000 square feet of a 4-inch thick topping slab of this caliber made of concrete and a wood sleeper system posed a challenge to load out roughly 350 tons of concrete through a parking garage loading dock that doesn’t allow full sized trucks. UAS came up with a solution by utilizing over 30 trucks ranging from medium size box trucks to roll off dumpster and 18 wheeler which were all live loaded. Once the topping slab was removed, we used our floor surfacing equipment to remove any remaining high spots.

Unified Abatement completed both phases well within the scheduled milestones allowing for our client to maintain the overall project schedule.

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